Introducing the... 

 #Stitch23in23 Needlepoint Event! 

We're kicking off the new
year with  twenty-three days of free needlepoint fun with Ellen!

Make 2023 your best needlepoint year ever with Serendipity Needleworks!


Please join us!

We're starting on Monday, January 23rd. 😊  

Twenty-Three Days Filled with Needlepoint Goodness to Celebrate the New Year! 


Join our Serendipity Needleworks family for our
fun-filled #Stitch23in23 Event!

Here are all the details...

✨ All of the magic will happen on our Serendipity Needleworks social media channels and our website! 

✨ Every afternoon, you will be given different tips, techniques, or stitch and thread deep-dives to enhance your needlepoint knowledge!

✨ There will be some extra special giveaways and prizes throughout the event!

✨ And, of course, some top secret surprises and bonuses (aka "lagniappe") that you don't want to miss.  

✨ The best part?! It is absolutely FREE! (Think of it as my New Year's gift to you. 😉)
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Meet Your Needlepoint Guide...


Hi there! I’m Ellen Johnson, a former needlework shop owner turned online needlepoint teacher. When I opened Serendipity Needleworks in 2003, thought I knew everything there was to know about needlepoint.

Then I attended my first market. Boy-oh-boy was I ever W R O N G!! 

After stumbling upon the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous pieces of needlepoint that I’d ever seen, I decided - right then and there - that I had to learn how to stitch like that, too. 

So I bought some kits with stitch guides and the adventure began. After experiencing success with a variety of professionally written stitch guides, I decided to try my own hand at choosing stitches and threads for a project.  

It. Was. AWFUL!! I’ll even go so far as to say that my first attempt at writing a stitch guide was downright hideous. (And no, I didn’t keep the canvas, although I should have. It would’ve been a terrific teaching prop. Teehee!)

It's truly a joy to share what I've learned through the years - and that's why I created the #Stitch23in23 Event!
I want to help you make your canvases look like what you envision in your mind's eye.
And I want you to spend less time ripping out what you put in and more time stitching!  

Celebrate the New Year Doing What You Love!

The #Stitch23in23 Event is Happening Now!  

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