New to needlepoint?
Been away from it for a while?
Self taught and not sure you're doing things the right way? 

Needlepoint Made Easy™
 will help you develop your needlepoint skills so that you can

stitch with confidence... 


And make all of your needlepoint projects look fabulous!


Does Any Of This Sound Familiar? 

  • You taught yourself to stitch, and you're pretty sure you may have picked up some bad habits along the way.

  • You're been away from your needlepoint hobby for a while and things have reeeaaallly changed!

  • You're tired of second-guessing yourself over which threads to use on your canvases.

  • You'd like for your stitches to be smooth and for the back of your canvas to be tidy, but you can't figure out how.

  • You see one beautiful project after another on social media and wonder how it was done.

Do I hear a heck, yeah?
Well, my does a needlepoint "makeover" sound?
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  • Knowing the best way to start and end your threads - Every. Single. Time! 🎉
  • Being so happy with the way your basketweave looks that you can hardly wait to work on  your project (instead of feeling frustrated and shoving your half-stitched canvases in the closet). 👏
  • Having confidence in yourself, knowing you can stitch a project that will turn out exactly like you imagined it would. 😊

YOU can create one-of-a-kind handmade treasures when you master the basics of needlepoint.


Ooooh... SIGN ME UP NOW!!


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What is Needlepoint Made Easy?

Needlepoint Made Easy™ is an online  needlepoint workshop that teaches you the essential skills you need to have in order to become a more confident - and competent - stitcher. 

You should be able to make your projects look fabulous without a lot of fretting and 
Needlepoint Made Easy can help you do just that! 



What Ellen's students are saying...

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What if...

  • You knew exactly where - and how - to start a new thread on any canvas?

  • You could finally conquer basketweave?

  • You never second-guessed yourself about the best way to tie off a thread again? 

  • You could spend more time stitching (and less time ripping!) because you have the basics of needlepoint down pat? 

  • You could be part of a safe and friendly community of like-minded individuals who are there to cheer you on?

And what if you could ask your needlepoint guide (me!) about whatever has you stuck?

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Ready To Stitch With Confidence?

Needlepoint Made Easy will help you learn the fundamentals of needlepoint and build a solid foundation for your hobby so that you can stitch with confidence!

No more wasting time OR money because you're not doing things the most efficient or effective way!


In Just a Few Short Weeks, You Will...

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Discover Which  Tools Are Absolutely Essential

for your needlepoint hobby - and how you can use them to ensure YOUR needlepoint success! 

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Unlock The Secrets To Setting Up Your Project

and learn to "read" your canvas so that your stitches look prettier - and more even, every single time! 

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Master Basketweave With Finesse  

and get a handle on how to start and end your thread like a pro, so that your stitches don't come loose.

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Explore Using Decorative Stitches

to add texture and visual interest to your projects with our Needlepoint Made Easy Stitch Library.

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Hello There!

I'm Ellen Johnson, your very own personal needlepoint teacher and coach.

I want to help you establish a rock solid foundation for your needlepoint hobby so you don’t spend more time ripping than you spend stitching!

Life is short and you should be able to make your projects look fabulous without a lot of fretting

I want you to feel excited when you sit down to stitch - not frustrated!

That's why I've created “Needlepoint Made Easy” - an online workshop dedicated to helping stitchers like you develop the essential skills you need - and take a look at fresh new ways to jazz up your canvases with beautiful threads and embellishments - and even some decorative stitches! 

This workshop was created out of my own professional teaching experience and working with stitchers just like you for the past 30 years.

You see, what I realized was this...

Mastering needlepoint is a process and the rewards are great for those who dedicate time and energy to fill their creative well. When you invest in yourself, you quickly gain the skills (and confidence!) that you need to create your very own spectacular hand-stitched heirloom treasures.

Needlepoint Made Easy is for you if...

  • You want to create beautiful hand-stitched treasures with ease and enjoyment.

  • You're a novice who is just starting out on your needlepoint adventure.

  • You're a stitcher who has been away from needlepoint for a few years and you need a refresher.

  • You're a needlepointer who taught yourself (and maybe you have some bad habits to break?).

  •  You're ready to stop making expensive mistakes - and start saving time AND money -  so that you can get the absolute most enjoyment out of your needlepoint hobby.

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If you answered "YES", then this class is the answer to your needlepoint prayers - because the best way to ensure that you’re going to stitch a project that you're proud of is to have enough needlepoint know-how to make good decisions. The odds of your project looking like what you envision in your mind's eye increase exponentially when you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of needlepoint.

What Ellen's students are saying...

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What's included?


 Easy to follow (and short!) videos that set you up for success by walking with you, step-by-step, through everything you need to know about your needlepoint hobby so that you can stitch with confidence. This course is truly the best resource for you to become a really good needlepointer🥰

✨ Oodles of printable FunSheets so you never get "lost" in a lesson or feel confused, Checklists to help you get organized and stay on track, and labeled Stitch Diagrams (and tips for how to use them!) so that you know exactly how to work each stitch - not to mention video tutorials that show you how to do every one of those stitches🥳

✨ A private community where you can ask questions, get feedback, and share your wins! And I pop into the community regularly, so it's like having your very own private needlepoint teacher at the click of a button😊

(And the added bonus of our community is that you'll meet lots of other people who love needlepoint as much as you do - so you may even find a new needlepoint bestie! 😉)

All for ONLY $297

Sooo... whaddya say?

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Let's Take A  Peek At What's Inside!

Needlepoint Made Easy is the #1 best way to develop your needlepoint skills so you can establish a rock solid
foundation for your hobby!

Check it out...

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Week 1 - Tools & Materials

In this module, you'll learn all about the basic needlepoint supplies and materials, including different kinds of needlepoint canvas, threads, embellishments, needles, scissors, laying tools, and the other handy dandy gadgets and gizmos that will help make your stitching go more smoothly.

And you'll also learn exactly which supplies are essential (and which are just nice to have) because I'll give you my customized shopping list! 😉 

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Week 2 - Preparing to Stitch

Inside this module, you’ll learn how to set a project up properly before you begin stitching so that all of your finished canvases look fabulous😍

You'll learn how to bind the edges of your canvases and mount them on a frame. And you’ll also learn about the different kinds of needlepoint frames and stands, how to use them, and why all of this is important to ensuring that your projects turn out terrific every single time

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Week 3 - Putting Needle to Canvas

In this module, we'll cover threads and needles and how to know which ones work best on the different sizes of canvas. And I'll show you how to get your thread to stay put on your canvas so your stitches don't pop loose.

You'll learn a variety of different ways (8!) to anchor your thread, including how to start a new thread and tie one off. And this module is bursting at the seams with FunSheets for things like which size needle to use on your canvas, how to work with stranded threads, how to use a laying tool, and A LOT more! 🧵

Week 4 - Tent Stitch

Inside this module, you'll learn about all three variations of the tent stitch and how to successfully execute each one so that your finished projects have that "master stitcher" look.  

In fact, this is the module that will help you finally conquer basketweave, once and for all! 🎉

Needlepoint Made Easy Stitch Library

A Library of Video Tutorials and Stitch Diagrams 

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Week 5 - Finishing!

This module is all about the different options for finishing your hand stitched treasures. Here, I'll guide you through the process of working with a professional finisher or framer so that you can rest assured your canvas is in good hands. And even more important -  that what you get back is what you envisioned

(There may be some lagniappe that goes along with this lesson, too... 😉)

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& all your bonuses, of course! 

You know I love to shower my students with oodles of little extras (around here, we call it lagniappe) and this is where you'll find those goodies!

✨ How to use a laying tool

✨ Video tutorials and stitch diagrams for 10 of my favorite decorative stitches (and where to use them)

✨ How to stitch the perfect circle

✨ Tried & true tips for fixing boo-boos

✨ My favorite background stitches

✨ and more (because you know I can't spill the beans on ALL of the surprises! 😊) 

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  • Learn which tools are absolutely essential to your success (and how to use them). 
  • Discover the differences between continental and basketweave (and why you need to know both)!
  • Master the correct way to start and end threads, even if you thought you already knew how!
  • Unlock the secrets to reading your needlepoint canvas so your stitches look prettier (and more even)!
  • Explore decorative stitches and create a reference notebook that you can use to begin choosing the very best ones for all of your projects.

So you're probably thinking...

Can’t I just refer to one of my needlepoint books for all of this information?

In all honesty, I suppose you could. But here’s the thing... you can’t ask a book a question when you don’t understand the instructions.

You see, the value in joining a class like Needlepoint Made Easy isn’t just to get the information.

When you participate in a guided learning experience like this one, you have a real person - an expert teacher - to lead the way. And when you get stuck, there's somebody to ask for help😊

Can’t I find needlepoint videos for free on YouTube?

Yep - I'm sure you can find "free" videos all over the internet.

But just because they don't cost money to watch, you still need to consider how you'll pay because you will never get back your precious time that you spend sorting through all of those videos. 😳

And that doesn't even take into consideration whether or not you can trust that the person doing the demonstration is showing you the proper technique. (Sadly, I've seen a LOT of bad information passed along in "free" videos.)

What's Your Investment?

Pay In Full



  • 6 Modules with easy to follow step-by-step lessons covering everything from tools & materials to 10 of Ellen's favorite decorative stitches! 
  • FunSheets, Checklists, and Stitch Diagrams
  • A private community where you can ask questions, get feedback, and share your wins

Payment Plan

2 monthly payments of $149


  • 6 Modules with easy to follow step-by-step lessons covering everything from tools & materials to 10 of Ellen's favorite decorative stitches! 
  • FunSheets, Checklists, and Stitch Diagrams
  • A private community where you can ask questions, get feedback, and share your wins
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Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you review the content and don’t think it’s worth every penny, you can get a full refund within the first 14 days of your enrollment. Your enrollment is entirely risk-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

just  imagine...

Being able to learn with an expert needlepoint teacher from the comfort of your own home
and at your convenience!