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Get the basics of needlepoint down pat when you join me for this fun-filled workshop! 

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During Our Time Together, You'll Get The Inside Scoop On...

The 5 Essential Tools Every Stitcher Should Have 

Knowing what to buy when you walk into a needlepoint shop - or when you're shopping online - can be soooo overwhelming, especially if you're new to needlepoint, are self-taught, or have been away from it for a while

Inside this workshop, I’ll show you which tools you need to stitch beautiful projects every single time! (And I'll also share tips for how to know which threads work best for the different kinds of canvases🎉)

How To Start And End Your Thread With Finesse

Yes, there are lots of different ways you can start and end your threads...

But I’ll teach you the simplest tried-and-true method even the most novice stitcher can master in minutes. (And you'll be able to rest assured that none of your stitches will come loose when you use this method, too! 👏) 

The One Stitch That Every Needlepointer Must Know

During our time together, you'll learn how to properly execute the ONE essential stitch that every needlepointer absolutely MUST know.

I'll show you how to work both vertical and horizontal rows so that you can change directions and stitch any canvas with confidence. (Plus, you'll learn how to read your canvas so that you can avoid the "Big No-No"😉)

I created this class so that EVERYBODY can say goodbye to uneven stitches (and messy backs!) on their canvases. 

Reserve your seat for 1, 2, 3... Needlepoint for only $9 and I'll see you on the inside! 😉


This class is a must for you if...

✨ You’ve been away from your needlepoint hobby for a while - and now you’re ready to carve out some quiet “me" time to create beautiful treasures for yourself, your family, and your friends.

✨ You’re brand new to needlepoint and you want to make sure you set yourself up for success with a solid foundation for your new hobby

✨ You’ve been totally self-taught up to this point and you think you might have some bad habits to break. (And sometimes you don't know what you don't know... right? 🙃)  

✨ You’re intimidated by all of the different thread and canvas options (where do you even start!?)

✨ You reeaaalllly want to get comfortable with the basics of needlepoint so that you can sit down for your stitching sessions with confidence.

And even if your can't join me live, I have some terrific news for you... you get access to the recording, so go ahead and sign up so that you can catch the replay later at your convenience!  


If any of those 👆 sound like you...

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By the end of the class, you will...

✨ Understand which needlepoint tools and materials are essential to your needlepoint success - and you'll know how to use them

✨ Feel more confident about your needlepoint skills so that you can continue to grow as a needlepoint artist

✨ Know how to start and end your threads with ease using my fool-proof method for securing the tails.

✨ Conquer the #1 stitch every needlepointer has to know.

✨ Love your needlepoint hobby even more - and be "all in" for making it your go-to outlet for relaxation and creativity

A personal invitation

Hello there, I’m Ellen Johnson. A first-grade teacher turned needlepoint teacher and author...

And just as my grandmother taught me all she knew about needlepoint, I'm here to help you establish a rock-solid foundation for your needlepoint hobby

Over the past 25 yearsI've had the honor of teaching hundreds of new and seasoned stitchers the ins and outs of needlepoint, so they can escape the “am I doing it right” overwhelm and discover the true creative joy and relaxation that this timeless art provides.

Now more than ever, we are all craving creativity and connection. Needlepoint has been a way for me to achieve both of these, and I know it can do the same thing for you. 

If you’ve been craving a creative outlet ... 

a hobby that is all your own and allows you to fully unwind and relax 

then I know you will find what you are looking for in this workshop.


I want you to feel confident as you begin - or continue - your adventure in stitching.

And I know this workshop will help you get the basics of needlepoint down pat, once and for all!  

I can't wait to see you there... 
XOXO!! ❤️